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Scott Benjamin S2 International Productions

With a lifetime of animal industry experience, Scott has spent his entire professional career passionately committed to advancing the Arabian horse all around the world. Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Michigan State University specialising in Equine Management and Animal Breeding/Genetics, Scott has since been actively involved with equine events, activities and breeding pursuits, principally with the Arabian breed, in the United States, Canada, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East/Arabian Gulf, South America and Africa as a consultant, manager, speaker, educator, judge, steward, author, scientist, historian and event organiser.

Since 2009, Scott has been privileged to be work for Mulawa Arabian Stud and the Farrell Family as the Manager of International Marketing and Media Relations. Having lived all over the world, including extended residences in the USA, Canada and Poland, Scott is proud to call Australia home since 2016.

“Sharing inspiring stories, transformative experiences, empowering knowledge and essential history with the world, especially pertaining to the Arabian horse and the global equine community, is a privilege I take very seriously and for which I am immensely grateful,” says Scott.

“Working together with Samantha is always rich with reward, discovery and positive progress, and I look forward to enduring contribution the S2 collaboration will make upon the breed, the industry and our community.”

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